1. Đuro Koruga, Mašinski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, Serbia

Currently there are two dominant methods for characterizing matter by light: microscopy and spectroscopy. In the past, those two techniques were uncorrelated for the characterization of the same sample. Microscopy image gives structural data about matter (TEM, SEM, etc.), while spectroscopy data (UV/VIS/IR, Raman, etc.) provides for energy properties of matter. In last ten years significant progress has been achieved: (1) Processing two digital images via light microscopy, one made by diffuse perpendicular light, and other with light incident at Brewster angle, gives new method for characterization of matter (named OMI spectroscopy: opto-magnetic imaging spectroscopy) [1,2], and (2) FTIR and light microcopy are combined to provide both structural and spectroscopic data [3]. Based on experience from OMI spectroscopy, we first developed FTIR/opto image spectroscopy method (based on perpendicular light), while now we are developing FTIR/opto-magnetic image spectroscopy [4]. In this paper we present basic concepts of Opto-magnetic Imaging FTIR System and discus experimental results.

Key words: Opto-magnetic Imaging; FTIR System

Conference: Contemporary Materials - 2013 - Savremeni materijali

Date: 03.06.2013.